Christmas Shoot- Behind the scenes

On Monday the 3rd of November PureNChic started animating our Christmas shoot.

What a great day!
Christmas came early for PureNChic! Christmas tree, decorations, presents and of course Christmas lights.

Many Products from designers from all over Europe were shown and used.
The advert was a huge success and we had a great day full of laughter, smiles and some great ideas.
We had sock crowing, teddy bears moving and Christmas letter opening themselves.

The advert is to show that your Christmas can be Unique and stylish.

We would like to thank Enrique Rovira @e_rovira for all his help and fantastic video skills.

PureNChic’s Christmas advert will be available to view shortly.
We would like to wish everyone a Early Happy Christmas and we hope you are looking forward to that Stylish new year.

Here are some behind the scenes photos to get a snick peak of PureNChic Christmas advert.




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