Designer Interview with Magali Million

Discover more about Magali Million a designer on PureNChic .com

How did you begin ?

As far as I remember, I always loved to create, sew, knit, embroider… I have developed my passion during my maternity leave. I begun to create pillows, then mini pillows filled with lavender for which the patent has been registered ‘mini coussin parfume dehoussable’ (=mini perfumed pillows with removable cover). Then I headed into the making of themed lavender pouches.  Few brides trusted me, and some shops too and here we go !!!

What do you like the most in your activity ?
The creation of course, the research to assembly different fabrics, materials, decorations but also the desire to satisfy my customers. I built an affinity with them, especially when I begin a new project. I kind of step in the world in when they are asking me to create something special for an occasion like a wedding or a christening. Apart from this human relationship, I feel really happy with creating a new collection. It is also a step into the unknown, are the customers going to be pleased with the new collection, or not ???

It’s a always challenge that someone lay down for me or that I set for myself ! I love it !

I have a management degree, and this small company allows me to use my experience and my knowledge that I acquire before my maternity leave…

And finally, I have the luck to be able to combine my professional life with my family life, which is great for a Mom !

Let us know what is your biggest dream in life ?
Open a workshop-boutique in a touristic place.
Bring a place to life and meet people who share my passion for Handmade and craft.

Tell me how you would describe your own style ?
I like what is coordinated, tidy and without tricks/artifices ! Simple but Chic !

Which product(s) on PureNChic did you like the most this month ?
The coloured with black&white background paintings. (By Jear Perry)

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