From Desk to Dance Floor

Shopping for that perfect party dress is definitely one thing, But trying to find one that you can withstand during the working day is another thing initially!

During December your working life has to fit in with your full Christmas agenda and such a dress is worth your own weight in gold.

When your work’s Christmas party is on a wednesday and your Friends want to grab those festive drinks on a Thursday this type of dress is definitely going to come in handy.

Find THAT DRESS and you have defeated December!

Goodbye to changing in the loo. “That Dress” you know when it comes to wine O’clock is already making you shimmer and shine and ready for the night ahead.

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The Swing dress for instant. A gift from good when it comes down to what-to-wear problems. Simple yet elegant and great for those wine stops. Worried about having your legs out during work hours… add some tights and just rip them off as it comes to you running out the office.

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Ahh that puff dress… Modest and suitable for the office, comfortable and stylish for those cheeky cocktails. It even has pockets!

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If your party dress is not a party dress unless it is shimmering and sparkling then check this little number designed in Paris. Have you got the waist for it?

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The comfortable yet stylish dress. Tie around the waist, keeping theses curves in the right place and setting your waist line. This dress is not only the perfect dress for the office but a head turner on your night out. Sort enough to get the attention you deserve yet suitable enough for your office torture.

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For my ladies with a bit more cushioning, check out this pelted wide cut dress. Covers everything you want to hide. A longer back to cover that behind you hate so much. Perfect with court shoes yet when it comes down to partying get those stilettos out or even some chunky wedges and party your night away.

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Last but no means least the Shimming Baby Doll. Extremely smart with a button up front and collar yet sexy and body flattering. Great with tights but even better without.

So there you have it girls, the dress that will get you from home to work to cocktails time in one outfit. Just make sure you don’t spill your morning coffee…


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