Time out in London

We Love Christmas time… London is amazing during the festive season. In and around London, this time of year is crowed with people having festive dinners or drinks. People are meeting for presents’ giving or just looking at the Christmas lights.

It’s the season of different tastes. We put the blame on gastronomy and kitchen chefs for offering those mouth watering Christmas recipes. There is no way of avoiding them…No one’s willpower is that powerful!

That great selection of mulled Wine and German beer always makes an appearance at Christmas. The flavors, smells and taste. We just can’t wait!

We are passing the 48th week of the year, and there sure is something to celebrate.

At PureNChic, we like to suggest places to spend your festive month. London can make your “having fun” wishes come true faster than ever.

PureNChic has decided to take “London Time out” advice on things to do in London, and make our favorite selections your guide. Along with our advice on how to look when you’re out and about in London.

As we said, it is the season of eating… So first we have suggested our favourite choices of where to grab a bit. A few extra pounds is nothing, over this period “I’m carrying a little Holiday weight” (Friends – what a program)

The Modern Pantry 


47-48 St Johns Street
London, EC1V 4JJ


Bernest Tavern 


Berners Street
London, W1T 3NP




32-34 Monmouth Street
London, WC2H 9HA

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Going out for drinks… Who are you kidding? Of course you are.

Here is a list of some of the best drinking spots in and around London.

Making sure you’re looking your best obviously.

Crazy Bear 

26-28 whitfield Street


Book Club

100 – 106 Leonard Street,



67 Calpham High Street
SW4 7TG, London

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We’re not saying that staying in is so anti social, sometimes it’s nice just to stay at home and relax with a nice warm cup of tea watching bad TV programs and black and white movies. No waiting in queues to grab them last minutes bits and bobs or even waiting an hour for your mulled wine.

Hotel style!


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