Keep up with Technology and stay warm

PureNChic photosAs you may have already realised, winter is here and it’s safe to say it will be staying with us for a long time, like every year.

When winter arrives, the winter wardrobe comes back out and it’s that time when you say goodbye to all those summer goodies. Yet all is not bad when your winter wardrobe arrives, all your warmest yet stylish winter coats, hats and gloves make an appearance.

However there is something that never changes, no matters where you are or what your wear: The uses of your technology devices, such as smartphone, portable media player, tablets, game console and personal computer, which are ALL touchscreen, stay with you all year round.

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 16.19.32

So here is your problem… Most of the week you are in such a rush, as usual the public transport is crowded and your carrying your weight in office work. Suddenly, you get a phone call…

Now we have all done it, no need to deny it but your teeth come in every handy when this happens. Ripping at your gloves like a hungry tiger. Then once you’re done with your important phone call forgetting about your glove all together and carrying on with your day, yet spending the rest of the day not only looking a tad silly but also with ONE very cold hand.

Technology is fast improving and even becoming fashion accessories. Since students from the University of Toronto developed the multi-touch technology, this has provided us with many advantages.

For example, the touchscreen gloves. Very practical yet still matching your outfit and staying stylish. Many different designs and colors. Men and women can enjoy the magic of modern technologies.


Keep up with technology and Stay Stylish!


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