For Those with Everything

What do you buy someone that has everything?

Most people don’t need anything for christmas lets be honest.. Myself, I have found that buying gifts for people that don’t really need anything a complete nightmare. Looking around for that present that was fun, something that was rememberable, some out of the ordinary, something that was going to bring a warm christmas feeling to someones heart… you think I could find that… No is the answer to that.

But I caught a break. I found the most adorable gift to give someone that has everything, someone that I felt appreciates a heart felt gift, someone I care about.

This is what I found.

A personalised Christmas gift. This gift is the perfect keepsake for those in your life who seem to have it all.

This gift includes a collection of TINY items, all of which have a special sentimental attachment to them.

1) A ballon to start your Christmas off with a bang!

2) Glitter to ensure you have a white and sparkly Christmas. Because no one wants a boring Christmas. Sparkles make everything more fun and festive.

3) A present so you Christmas is wrapped up in happiness.

4) A Penny so Christmas doesn’t leave you penniless as most are left.

5) MISTLETOE to steal a Christmas kiss with the one you love most.

6) A playing card to remind you to be playful this Christmas!

7) A magnifying Glass to show that one person what an amazing friend they are.

8) A winter hot Chocolate recipe to keep them feeling warm inside.

Then you will also get with this TINY warm gift

1) A Mini letter: W3.8 x H2.5cm. Explaining the gifts inside and what they mean to the person. Signed by you.

2) A Gift box: W8.5 x H8.5cm.

3) Envelope adressed to the person you are sending this to.

All sealed with a person touch.

The Christmas present is delivered in a silver bubble envelope to arouse excitement and intrigue for the surprise within.

This gift even fits through the letter box which is amazing!

So what will you get that person with Everything, because I found mine…


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