New Year, New style. A better 2015 you!

So it’s 2015 who can believe it…

All that planning and decorating for Christmas and celebrating the end of a year and a beginning of another has now past and it’s now time to get back into that daily routine of working and working some more, But its about time if you ask us.

The New Year of 2015 has brought so much already. New Year resolution’s, which lets face it most of us have failed at already, New and exciting plans and a New style which comes with a whole new wardrobe!

The most command New Year resolution for both men and women is to lose as much weight as humanly possiable. Lets face it, we have all eaten our own weight in food and drunk about a lake size amount of alchole over the Christmas period. Pretty much enough to survive the year out. But now it is time to get back into starvation mode for the summer which will be with us the next time we blink.

There must always be a goal! A goal to work towards. For instants, fitting into a dress that is four sizes smaller. Mission impossible? I think not! Well until the novelty wears off and its back to eating everything in site… But for now a GOAL must be set.

Losing that holiday weight does come with a bonus believe it or not…

You can chose a whole new style. Completely change yourself and make a new Better 2015 you!

So my working ladies, going to work does NOT mean you have to wear a suit. A suit is so boring and plan. This year make a shocking appearance at the office, get them heads turing. Make a stand! Try these picks, stylish yet suitable for the office.

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Lets face it, every man looks good in a suit… But why not add some style. No one can resist a man in braces! NO ONE! So to my Handsome Bachelor’s try this to have them heads turning on your first day back to the office. Entering a new you!

3d329f526846c4d155b0ea1e4f59932e 879efd5212b0a1f9099a073d03621126 c4dcb67b6fa3224b76ed890c3917f911 c6d101614af7ddcab21f3e136bf10bfd d16dbce6c65f554935b06312930f3132

Go on, make a good impression after that Christmas work party nightmare of “why did I do that”.

A fresh start, A fresh look, A better 2015 YOU!

Happy New year!


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