Crazy SALE! Up to 50% off

January the month of the big sales

January is in full swing with it frost bringing, dark mornings and of corse SALES!

Boxing day sales, is a NO go for me. Everyone rushing, arguing and a lot of people fighting over sale items like pack animals! No!

We are coming up to the end of the first week of January and the shops are still covered in mess with people running around looking for that one bargain you just can’t miss out on!  I found shopping online a lot more stress free and I could actually find what I was looking for without having to fight for it.

Lets be fair, everyone loves a sale and everyone loves a bargain. The feeling of someone asking you about your once in a life time find does put a smile on your face and the look you get back on how amazed that person is that you found that gold in the hep of rubbish you come across is just magic and the fact you got it for near to nothing is amazing. Thats what dreams are made of… that look!

So I have put together some of my favourite sale items. What can be better?… No stress, No digging, Just you and your device looking at those GOLD picks.

Don’t miss out on “that Look”

40% OFF

Blue Dolls – Spain


This coat is one to remember. The folky fabrics, the fur and that all important collar. Designed and made in Spain, Blue Dolls is offering their items at 40% off!


Work Hard, Play Hard… Stunning Bonnie Trousers- 40% OFF NOW ladies

20% OFF All Sunglasses with promo code

Promotional Code: Sunglasses

Dagobear – France

Untitled Untitled.pngh


20% off all sunglasses. Got the summer time feeling… Don’t miss out

50% OFF ALL T-SHIRTS with promo code

Promotional Code – jsale

Chic La Bell – Italy

760b9f81b1bb3e08b01036798b6364e4 978a7b626299266ab614ac02644c8d00 e6e68801f5b4d91f9e139cdeffdb1057

Fun t-shirts to get them head turning. All T-shirts are 50% off until 31/01/2015. promotional code is “jsale”

Check out even more at

Whats your gold find?


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