How to Pick the right Handbag

It’s hard not to crave a new handbag every season, but finding the right one is  exceptionally personal and often difficult task. There’s much to consider: If your bag matches your outfit, it should fit your lifestyle, and of course, there’s price to consider. From bucket bags to clutches, consider this your education for when you  embark on a hunt for the perfect bag for you.

The Clutch 

If you only need a few essential items to get you through your day, we applaud your resourcefulness and recommend a clutch. Bonus: your aching shoulders will thank you.


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The Cross-Body Bag 

If keeping your hands free and your belongings secure is important to you, you’re probably a cross-body bag girl. Perfect if you’re on the go, this handbag style can go from day to night, depending on the size.

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that backpacks are BIG right now. Case in point: the Olsens designed and carry a version. A luxe leather style will keep the look from venturing into schoolgirl territory.

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The Tote 

The tote is the best option if you like to throw everything in your bag and go. This style is also ideal for traveling, as it will fit your electronics, magazines, cardigan—you name it! Tip: if you prefer a day-to-night bag, a tote bag might not be the best choice, but we think everyone needs one in their collection for work and travel.

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The Top handle 

The most ladylike of all bags, it’s is also quite versatile, given the different carrying options. It’s a great choice for the girl who doesn’t have time to change her bag often, as it seamlessly transitions from day to night and work week to weekend.

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5 Top Tips for Choosing the perfect Handbag 

The right handbag can flatter your figure and complete a favourite outfit. You might end up carrying your handbag every day for months on end so it is essential that you choose one that is right for you!

The tips below explain an easy to remember, 5 point process for choosing the right handbag every time.


There is one easy rule to remember. The part of your body where the bottom of the bag sits will be accentuated. So, if you have small, boy hips, having a bag which sits on your hips will make your shape look more feminine. If you have large hips, try a bag which sits at your waist line, accentuating the tapering of your waist and making you look slimmer. Handbags that sit at waist level will flatter most shapes in fact, so it is always good to have a bag of this type in your collection.


Don’t be tempted just to follow the fashion here, very small bags on very tall girls will get lost, and alternatively if you are on the short side, you will be swamped with a large or oversized bag!


Try to choose a handbag which compliments your own shape. To do this, think about your overall shape, then buy handbags with opposite features. For example, if you are tall and slim, choose a handbag which is rounded and slouchy. If you are short and curvy, handbags with strong angles will look great on you.


Think about your general style. If you usually wear casual clothes, going for a very formal handbag is not a good idea! This can be tricky, so make sure you do a bit of research. Look in fashion magazines for models wearing similar style clothes to you, then make a note of the types of handbags that they have been dressed with. You may not like that particular handbag, but note the style, and think about whether you would like it in a different colour, a different material, or if it were slightly bigger or smaller. The main thing is to note the style, i.e. if it is a tote, a clutch, or a slouch shoulder bag. Having said all of that, if you are buying a handbag for a particular occasion, where you will be wearing something outside of your usual style. You are not going to buy something you don’t like, so there will always be a bit of ‘you’ in the handbag, no matter what style you choose.


I have left the practical part until last, although this is definitely an important factor. What do you want this handbag for? Is it to be used everyday for work and going out, does it need to carry books, a laptop or your gym kit? Perhaps you are looking for a small handbag for going out, which needs to match with a particular outfit. Either way, once you know what you will use your bag for, you will have an idea of what compartments and pockets you need it to have. As a final check when you find bag that you like, always find out what is inside. Is there a separate pocket for your phone and is there a secure area for your wallet or purse and keys? A handbag is a great and essential accessory but a particular handbag, no matter how nice it is, is no good if it fundamentally can’t be used to keep your items safe!


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