Get inspired by Mrs L Cards | Designers interview

Designers Interview 

Mrs L cards – Carol Lewcock


Having spent over 15 years working as a graphic designer carol began Mrs L cards initially as a hobby whilst working full time. 2 redundancies in 2013 lead to the decision to “Make a go” of Mrs L cards full time. Carol designs and produces all the products in Mrs L cards range.

Where is your idea coming from?

My ideas spring up at the strangest of times, for example when I am dropping off to sleep or in the shower. I think subliminally they come from things that I have seen in magazines, films I have watched, things I have experienced whilst travelling or conversations I have had with my husband or friends.

0513725183250ec33aafc8cfd580f362 b7d5488d4cbc81fb982cb138c716a521 A stunning romantic card that is a super for Valentine’s Day. Alternatively it can be used as a wedding anniversary card. This beautiful card when folded reads “You” and “Me” on separate sides. When unfolded the whole card reads “You complete me”.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by people who follow their heart, are true to themselves and are not afraid of hard work.


This romantic card is especially for the one who makes you feel safe and happy. This card is wonderful to send to your partner at any time of the year really but it would be super for Valentines Day or to celebrate an anniversary.

Which product from your range is the best seller?

My personalised anniversary prints are my best sellers. This idea began as an anniversary card for my husband and generated lot of interest. I developed it into a print and it has sold well ever since.


A unique Valentines card and gift in one. An original and fun card to give to your loved one. This multi-layered card is great for Valentines Day, anniversaries or just to give to your other half as a little romantic treat.

What has been your biggest challenge you had to overcome when your started Mrs L cards?

I am still trying to teach myself out of this but I am the biggest worrier and often it stops me from being able to see the bigger picture and concentrate on what needs to be done in order to move forward. It doesn’t hold me back strictly but sometimes it makes things less fun than they should be.


A quirky romantic card to send to the one you love or others celebrating their love for each other.This card can be used for a number of occasions; Valentines Day, to give to the happy couple on their engagement or wedding day or to give to your own partner.

What advise would give give to people setting up their own business?

To make decisions that are best for your business at that time. It is very easy these days with social media to look at what others are doing and feel they are doing things better, achieving more etc. than you and to try to emulate such things. Everyones situation is different, so yes it is good to look but never to compare. And also to remember to pat yourself on the back every now and then.


A personalised love heart and cupids arrow card great for loved ones to give to each other.



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