Anti Valentine’s Day Handbook

Valentine’s Day is upon us — and if your relationship status is ‘eating a whole chocolate cake by yourself’, you probably feel pretty meh about celebrating or hearing about the most romantic day of the year (we don’t blame you). Not to fear, PureNChic have handpicked, handmade items to lighten up your mood and your cynical heart celebrating anti Valentine’s Day.

So you’re unlucky in love right now, Who’s not at one point or another? This time next year the memory of that will be long gone and the person responsible! Treat yourself this Valentine’s day and hold in there for your Prince/Princess to rescue you. But if you’re not waiting and you couldn’t care less… You’re Awesome. Who needs LOVE! But what a great excuse to treat yourself. Love yourself this Valentines Day you deserve it! 

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 14.15.50 Coaster by Corkerswinegame Limited

Invite your friends round for a Bottle of wine or Four. Nothing is better or tighter than friendship.

3a43ce7bb6d223059c83f9604e9612a4linolcut, typography print “Alcohol …” by The True Type

Might as well grab those bottles on your way home. No one will blame you.

760b9f81b1bb3e08b01036798b6364e4My Mom Says I’m Special So F*** You by Chic Le Belle

Dress to make a statement!

09bf0d775807bd9460263cbfbb959fe4Cardboard Pet Castle by SmartKitz

Don’t forget Pet’s make great company. Their don’t talk over you, They don’t talk back and they won’t break your heart!

They are also great at cuddles, attention and sharing of comfort food!

0f3bb646dac153a91c9af52c72ac3e4fCardboard Pet Castle by SmartKitz

Boyfriends/Girlfriends will come and go But your friends will always be there. Show them you notice everything they do, All the late night chats and the bad yet loving advice they give you. You won’t be anywhere without them!

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 15.02.30

BassBoomz by BassBuds.

Last but no means least, MUSIC. Music makes all feelings better! SO, crank up your tunes and dance the feeling anyway! But remember there will be people celebrating their love next door so make sure to turn it up extra loud  😀

Enjoy your Anti Valentine’s day!


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