We present… The Team behind PureNChic

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The same way that soldiers are needed to win battles, good employees are what it takes to build a strong, successful company. Since the beginning we have formed a team of the right people who made PureNChic the unique company that it is today.

So it is only natural to dedicate this post to the team behind the online marketplace for European style. Even though the number of the people involved in PureNChic continues to grow every day, this is an overview of the company’s ‘building blocks’.

Joanne: also known as ‘’The Queen of the Kingdom’’

Joanne is the founder of PureNChic. Her story started from one of the most vibrant cities in China: Shanghai. Her career took her to some of the world’s fashion capitals: New York, Paris and Tokyo, until she finally settled down in London. Why ‘’The Queen of the Kingdom’’ you ask? Well, PureNChic’s office is full of busy bees that are constantly up to something. Basically, the sound of keyboard typing is almost the only thing you can hear during working hours. And Joanne is the queen bee that brings order to the creative chaos in the office.

Francesca: also known as ‘’The Ginger Busy Bee’’

We already mentioned that all employees resemble busy bees, but the most senior one of them is Francesca. She is the company’s Marketing Manager and she is responsible for all promotion-connected activities and also for supervising most of the company’s interns. Her favourite item in the office is her pink notebook where she writes down all the assignments she has to do during the day. Another interesting fact: although she is English, she says she cannot make tea, which makes her even more special.

Chloe: also known as ‘’The Creative Mademoiselle’’

Chloe is the company’s Category Manager, meaning that she has unique eyes for talent when choosing which designers to be part of our online platform. It is no accident that we say our designers are ‘hand-picked’. Just like a real manager, Chloe keeps track of everything that happens on the website: be it new clients or new products, she knows it all. An interesting fact for her is that she is the emergency contact for all the new-coming interns. Whenever someone makes a mistake, we know that Chloe is there to help and we thank her for that!

Dora: also known as ‘’Speedy Gonzales Social Media Señorita’’

Dora is the company’s Spanish busy bee. She mainly deals with social media both in English and Spanish, so in case you see PureNChic en Español, you should know that this is her. Her biggest strength is keeping up with schedules, you never know what organised means until you have to keep up with deadlines for social media posts. She is also known as a ‘vegetable lover’ around the office because of her love for healthy lunches.

Simon: also known as ‘’The Money Guy’’

Some of you might think that there is no need for further explanation. Although Simon is more like a mysterious backstage helper, he actually has contributed a lot for the growth of PureNChic. He takes care of the company’s finance, which is a not so pleasant task for most of the people, so we thank him for that! He tends to be busy and travel a lot, but always finds time to help our team.

Rob: also known as ‘’The Technical Genius’’

As you can probably imagine that a female-dominated office does not go without its technological challenges. This is where Rob comes in. His computer wizardry keeps us online and ensures that we are always there for your merchants and clients.

Enrique: also known as ‘’Mr Big Smile’’

Fortunately, Enrique’s contribution to PureNChic is much more than a charming smile. He has been in charge of the making of our promotional videos and has also been a regular advisor when it comes to promotion. The good news is that soon Enrique will become a full-time member of our team and will be able to share his marketing genius with us on a daily basis.


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