The Guide For Men’s Wear: lesson 101

Men normally struggle with mixing and matching their outfits, this may just be a myth or a stereotype, but the truth is most (not all) men cannot dress smartly without being told by their other half.

Let us give you some easy tips to make your look more stylish.

  1. Less is more

Don’t wear all your accessories at once guys. We know your tying to make a statement but you look over loaded and messy. Keep it to one or two accessories at a time. A watch, a ring, or a bracelet is enough. A bigger statement! A bigger impact! Less is more! Keeping in mind the accessories should go with the occasion and of course the outfit. For example, some classic cufflinks and a matching tie for a formal dinner party. Of course you can show your personality through these accessories for example bold and colorful.

41105f16ff56a7b425fd76c2c4bdd281Wooden Watch by Borderlake

  1. Go for basic colours

If you are not the master of colour matching and afraid to play with them on your outfit, black, white, and grey is your best friends! But just keep in mind pastel colours are the rising stars in the near future. People will never get sick of these basic three fashion colours, and yes I mean black, white and grey just like we mentioned. By the way, denim is also a very good choice, as it never gets old.

06e8bb78a4aa71a44591905a81b83853Cotton Casual Men’s Shirt by Abbie & Rose

  1. Try to find that tailored look 

This task could be a little tricky and it is going to take some searching if your not use to wearing the tailored look. Tailored outfits should not be too short, too long, too tight or even too baggy, your not going for the “street Look”. The tailored look will draw attention of the lovely ladies.

Trending now is, slimmer and skinnier the jeans, the better. However, the trailered style will fit and accentuate your body shape to make an energetic you. Depending on your age, skinny jeans and trousers can make you look to skinny and not at all like Mr muscle man.

7aae73f0288ed6767379b6b62b7c115bSubtle Burgundian Statement Flannel Wool Prince of wales check pattern trousers by Maple Propeller

Final Word

Ok, so now you know how to style and wear your outfits. Now go to your wardrobe throw or donate the unwanted unstylish  outfits, to make room for the new! Good luck ❤


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