Oscars Look A likes With PureNChic

Have you noticed that we all get very dreamy when the Oscars events take place.  Who wouldn’t? Nowadays, those ceremonies are more popular for the glamorous and divine gowns that our favourite actresses wear, than for the actual Oscar winners.

Don’t feel guilty for spending hours looking at all the beautiful designer creations and secretly dreaming that you could also be there, dressed in one of those masterpieces. We completely understand. This is why we want to offer you some affordable options of the red carpet looks. Even if you’re not a world-known actress you can still find an occasion to look glamorous: weddings, proms, birthday or you name it, we don’t need an excuse to feel special!


Cate Blanchett looks stunning in her Maison Margiela dress. What really put together her outfit, was the statement turquoise necklace. Below, we offer you a more affordable option to recreate the look.

PureNChic’s Choice 

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 12.59.07Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 13.00.52

Get the look:

Tube Dress by  EON Paris: £157

Delicately Beaded Braided Necklace by Urbiana: £20


Emma Stone never fails to make a good impression on the red carpet. This is why we think it’s wise to follow her example and go for an outfit with transparent elements. Instead of choosing her Dior Haute Couture gown, we are offering you our Bar Dot Dress by Ashley Lloyd: £49.99. And how do you accessorize such a simplistic outfit? Sophisticated pair of earrings of course! Our suggestions is to go for Blue Sapphire Rhinestone Earrings: £19.00.

PureNChic’s Choice 

7aa7b3599dee73b7dbc1ab613df28e1a 6bf3891fd831b6b140af5fca47a97798Get the look:

Bar Dot Dress by Ashley Lloyd Int: £49.99

Blue Sapphire Rhinestone Earrings by foldedroses: £19.00

Let the dress up play begin!


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