Get inspired by Natty Hart | Designers interview

Designers Interview 

Natty Hart – Natalie

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With almost 10 years experience in design and opportunities that have allowed her to travel and become inspired by everything around her, she has a unique, quirky and loveable style.

What difficulties did you face at the beginning of your career? I faced many difficulties at the beginning of my career. The main one was being unknown within the industry and trying to known takes time and a lot of effort.      

a710d0c74e64e4699f1d0b711e48e795  Bring an element of happiness into your home with this simple Bumble Bee modern art print. Available in a monochrome colourway it really is perfect for any room. 

Is there anything you wish you knew at the beginning of your career?   It has taken me almost 10 years to find the happy medium between designs I love and commerciality. If there were one thing I wish to have know it would be how much of a difference this makes when you want to run a successful business.


Happiness is A bird with a French Fry. The perfect word art print that makes you smile every time you look at it. Available in a monochrome colour way it is perfect for any room in your Home, Office or place of work 

Is having talent enough in order to be a successful designer? Unfortunately being talented is never enough. You have to be very determined and able to take criticism when it is thrown in your direction.


Who doesn’t enjoy a cheeky gin at the weekend, or in fact any day of the week? This print is perfect for your home if you enjoy a little tipple. Drink more of what makes your Happy? How very true!    

Do you think that the current phenomenon ‘globalisation’ has a negative impact on local cultures/arts/crafts?                            Globalisation has definitely changed the way that small craft businesses work and survive. I still enjoy doing craft fairs and meeting the customers that love my products. It’s personally very important to me to develop relationships with customers and it’s hard to do this online. Although, it is also vital to have a good understanding of the Internet and use it for its advantages. For example, reaching people around the world and marketing.

Did you ever go through a period when you thought about quitting your job as a designer?                                                                                                 So many times, the one thing that always Spurs me on is such positive comments from customers. Nothing compares to the feeling of someone receiving one of your designs and contacting you to say how much enjoyment it brings them.

8d727778ecdcfc5c4f3cc33c548a15b3 If you love cake in the morning for breakfast then this typographic word art print is perfect for you or a loved one. This sweet cupcake print can take pride of place on the party table, Brighten up a bedroom or on the wall of a playroom.


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