Get inspired by BassBuds | Designers interview

Designers Interview


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Adored by millions of people worldwide, and with hundreds of celebrity fans across all different genres, BassBuds combine style and technology to provide the ultimate in ear audio experience.
You can also enjoy the BassBoomz portable Bluetooth speaker. These “Small in Size, Big in Sound” speakers are available in the worlds largest range of vibrant colours, combining stylish appearance with a high quality design.

Do you think that young people can be stylish? Or does it take maturity and experience to be able to create your own style? With diversity comes originality and young people set trends. So we feel young people are creators in some sense and they can be stylish in their own way. Our motto ‘Your Sound, Your Style’ defines this; we can appreciate that you can make something your own and OWN it, whatever your age.

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 14.31.50

 Small in size, Big in sound, BassBoomz portable wireless speaker are built around the innovative Bass Expansion Chamber. Available in the world’s largest colour range.  

How do you handle the situations when you feel that your creativity is blocked?  Good PR is always a creative process – from the idea to the roll-out. Here at BassBuds™ we believe unity is power. So if our initial situation is blocked, we always find a way of being creative socially; so we work together, share perspectives and find new ideas.


Do you think that it is necessary for a designer to have an ‘Art’ education in order to be successful?  We don’t think it’s essential because Art is very much about self expression. You can teach art to students but it’s the person that makes the art successful.


Luxurious style and crystal-clear sound are the defining elements of BassBuds high performance in-ear headphone. Each headphone is embedded with genuine SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS  

What is your opinion on the impact of the internet on art? Nowadays it is easier for people to plagiarise someone else’s creations. Do you feel threatened by that?  We’re in a social media age where anything can be imitated; but being copied means we are doing it right. So we’re not threatened by this because we’re constantly moving ahead with the times and trends are driven by plagiarism! – Why not let it start from us?!

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 14.54.16

BassBuds are packed with features which makes them the ultimate fusion of fashion and technology 

Is there any symbolic meaning behind your designs? We represent designs that enable our audience to feel they can be whatever they choose to be. BassBuds™ helps by adding sleek designs and colours to complete YOUR look.


Replaceable memory foam earbuds gives consumer endless choice to personalise their own in-ear headphone.


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