Get Inspired By Lieke van Opstal


1. Do you think that young people can be stylish? Or does it take maturity and experience to be able to create your own style?

At this time, young people determine lots of trends and a part of the street scene. I still believe that you create your own style during the years. You can’t argue about taste. And I especially admire it when someone creates their own style, independently of the mass. Your style should have time to grow and develop in its own way.

2. How do you handle the situations when you feel that your creativity is blocked?

You can’t command creativity. You either have a good time or you don’t. You shouldn’t force creativity. Sometimes you have a good idea, but you don’t know what to do. My way is to collect a large creative library with lots of images, texts and fabrications. And then suddenly when you least expect it, the best ideas will arise.


3. Do you think that it is necessary for a designer to have an ‘Art’ education in order to be successful?

You can’t learn creativity and designing at school. You either  have it or you do not. However there are ways to learn certain techniques and skills to develop a product. In addition, I found it very pleasant, that you are together at an art school with a great ‘ART’- family. It is nice to communicate, brainstorm and spruce with people on the same level.
You will not be successful at an art school, you create success by yourself.

4. What is your opinion on the impact of the Internet on art?Nowadays it is easier for people to plagiarise someone else’s creations. Do you feel threatened by that?

Internet has its advantages and disadvantages. It is indeed a wonderful medium for sharing. As a designer you have to continue to ensure that you can inspire others and that you remain unique. You should be able to remain apart from the rest, however this may be difficult. Always keep believing in yourself and stand behind your designs. Create your own style and conquer the world in a unique way!


5. Is there any symbolical meaning behind your designs?

There isn’t a real symbolic given behind my designs. It may sound a bit vague, but as a designer you still look in a special way to the world. While wandering through a town or walking through nature, I can become fascinated or enjoy the smallest things that I come across. Rhythms and structures are made by people, but also caused by the beauty of nature.Beautiful buildings and structures in stunning architecture and tree bark textures, the construction of a wing of an insect, and what about … Countless examples to mention.




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