Lingerie: A Basic Human Right

Do you recall the scene from ‘Confessions Of A Shopaholic’ when Rebecca and her friend start going through a pile of bills? And when asked why did she spend so much money on underwear, Rebecca simply says : ‘Oh, underwear is a basic, human right’. And, of course, we completely agree.

Let’s be serious though. There are many articles out there which prove that wearing good underwear can actually make you feel good. Many women confess that they feel an empowering effect after they put on a nice set of lingerie: they are happier and more confident because they like what they’re wearing.

What is more, the choice of lingerie is directly connected to the message we want to sent to ourselves. What is your message to yourself when you decide to put on an old, worn out bra? How do you feel when you open up your lingerie drawer and you see an array of gorgeous underwear that is waiting to be worn by you? There is a huge difference, right?

To wrap it up, good lingerie gives you a positive start of the day and a great feeling at the end of the working week by making you feel capable and worth it. Take a look at the suggestions PureNChic has for you.

What are your thoughts when it comes to lingerie? Do believe that it has a psychological effect as well? We are looking forward to seeing your thoughts on the matter.

074a842e7efa3579878d4ee25f32439eBlack Dahlia, Tie-Side Tulle Panties £18

c41fd8d035994cb1e08f1afc66964770Wedding Lingerie, Classic White Koniakow Bra&Panty Set £59,90

c73f8981e4d1a83cf3b5e9b9cec8766cThe Lady From Shanghai, Liberty Cotton Lingerie Set £39

0301478d58626e8f7d64ec6fedf17be6White Florence Bra And Highwaisted Bottom Set £25

0f2a2dbd667d518dd9aaaeb926695adfBlack And Nude Aria Bra £18

ea5ea641c9222e28575021b490566e61Acquatech Woman Sports Thong £16

afc4f59ef9f217a455a0e86ce3d414c1Woman’s Boxer Panties £18


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