A Home For The Heart

Jane Austen once said “There is nothing like staying home for real comfort”. When you come to think of it, this statement makes a lot of sense. Going out, travelling and spending time with friends is a great to takes our minds off problems, but nothing compares to the relaxation you get when you just have a quiet night at home.

Home is the place that each of us carries deep in the heart, a place where we can allow ourselves to be completely calm and natural. That’s the one spot where you can look absolutely socially unacceptable, but guess what… that’s totally okay because there is no one to judge you.

Of course, in order to be able to call a particular place a ‘home’, we need to invest a little bit time and effort. Probably all of us have seen those TV shows where architects and designers transform dull, small rooms into a piece of art. What it takes is a little bit of imagination and the proper accessories that will give the room a personality. We have made a small selection from our Home section so that you can get some ideas for your home.

ab675088bcda561694195e8c953f8a20Bamboo Peshtemal Towel £25,90

16869ca190a92ff4d0f17788fd5ca229London Bedcover £51,07

4db4e4ba686f4a1ff05c8d8a8588fb82Cheese Over Chocolate Personalised Cheese Board £29,99

9fdcf56ad5368165ca7ef818235ec814Glazed Lava Platter £90

bdc166de9fa680406bcfd262a43cf221Decorative Wall Film £24,50

e9aaf85dc14138c0ae12ee61b8c71724Cactus Candy Bowl £17,50

7338b4dd1589255141056d1c8e14c26cForest Garden Scented Candle £19,95


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