Spread The Love, Help People In Need

Freedom. It is such an abstract term that every person has his own definition of it. Very often when we are able to maintain an average lifestyle (by this we mean having a place to live, food to eat and clothes to wear) we tend to forget that somewhere in the world there are people who are much less fortunate. We fail to understand that sometimes the things one takes for granted are actually someone else’s luxury.

What provoked the start of this blog post you wonder? Perhaps most of us have already seen the photo of the 4 year old Hudea- a young child-refugee whose family left their home in Syria after the father died in a bombing. What made the image go viral and touched the hearts of so many people around the world is that the child surrendered herself to the journalist who was trying to photograph her, after mistaking his camera for a weapon. Truly an example of an image that speaks a thousand words.

Sadly, Hudea’s situation is far from being one of a kind. And although such stories always evoke a lot of emotions amongst the public, we are aware that compassion is not enough to solve a problem. Empathy might be the first step towards helping people, but what really matter is collective action. Or as Victoria Beckham put it in her 73 questions video: ‘If I could run the world I would make everyone do something philanthropic.’

PureNChic supports the notion of helping people in need. This is why we have supported the ‘Sharing The Love’ initiative of the Polish brand ‘Many Mornings’. Famous for their high-quality products, they have decided to donate a pair of socks to people in need every time a purchase is made.

Help us Spread The Love. For more details look here 

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