Get Inspired With WAMS Socks

WAMS was founded in Italy in the early stage of 2013 with the aim of turning a basic item into a fancy fashion accessory. How does it get any better than that you ask?

Freedom, innovation, creativity and passion are values strongly related to the company’s philosophy. The Italian needle stands for high quality and combines reliability, positivism and a drop of WAMS madness to create a unique product. Here is an interview with Robert from WAMS socks who tells us a little bit about the company. Let’s stop the washing machine’s hunger for socks. 

1. Has social media helped you grow your business?
As we are a fashion brand, social media is an important communication method for us! For this my answers is YES.

2. Do you think that the term fashion applies only to clothing and accessories, or is it part of the overall lifestyle of a person?
To me fashion is part of the overall lifestyle! We produce fashion socks, a fashion item which wasn´t considered as a fashion item. But the fashion industry and also the lifestyle of people has changed. And therefore I consider nearly everything as fashion which changes your style of life.

3. Is there any specific message you would like to get across with your designs?
We want to show with our designs that you can change your style with simple things like socks. Our goal is it to be different, and in the same way to provide the best quality on the market.

4. What type of people does a designer need in his/her team in order to be successful?
You can have the best designer and the best product, but still one of the most important things is to sell your product. So, a well-curated sales network well is very important.

5. Who was your role model when you begun your business?
No exact role model. As Italy is famous for its socks manufacturer we wanted to show that Italy can produce great, but yet different, colourful socks.

6. Some artists say that they saw their creations while sleeping. Has it ever happened to you?
I am not the designer of WAMS 🙂 But sometimes I dream of socks!

2043250db9563456d628d51c14af23b3Camo Dots Knee Socks

e671268c937a113b85f551c85e177eb2Green Glenn Knee Socks

f6e46693bcd4fccbb9feff66680aa932Latte Glenn Socks


Grey Matrix Socks


Mixed Stripes Socks


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