A Dose Of Inspiration From Charlie Doodle

Are you looking for unique, thoughtful gifts for all occasions? 
Charlie Doodle can offer a huge variety of custom-made cufflinks, bespoke pendants, greeting cards, gift wrap and personalised prints for babies and children.  Every single product is handmade in the UK.
Get to know Charlie- the designer behind Charlie Doodle.

Charlie Doodle profile pic

  1. Do you think that young people can be stylish? Or does it take maturity and experience to be able to create your own style? 
    I believe that Style is ageless. From a very young age, I started to challenge myself to think outside the box and find inspiration from different sources. Living in a very creative and liberal city like Brighton has also taught me that young and old can be equally stylish and individual.
  2.  How do you handle the situations when you feel that your creativity is blocked? 
    I like to go for a run, meditating or doing yoga, which help me gain clarity and kick start my creative process. I actually struggle more with finding the time to harness ideas than creative blocks.
  3.  Do you think that it is necessary for a designer to have an ‘Art’ education in order to be successful?
    No, I know many very talented self-taught designers, although my degree in Illustration did help.
  4. What is your opinion on the impact of the Internet on art? Nowadays it is easier for people to plagiarise someone else’s creations. Do you feel threatened by that?
    Not at all, the internet is a wonderful tool for creativity and research. I think if someone is going to plagiarise, they will find a way online or offline, but ultimately they lack originality and will soon run out of ideas… So I don’t feel threatened by them.
  5.  Is there any symbolical meaning behind your designs?
    My designs express my personality, the things & people that inspire me, my take on life.

c3721559a7fd1b8af95a8d4e01ddcb50Dachshund Sausage Dog Silver Cufflinks 

956fb4d05f38c8bbb555f17fe3adf94cFlamingo Greeting Card

425f8c98041405df5c7d696f916559a3Mexican Skull Silver Plated Pendant

e5b4eda701c5bd9f53ec999283e096d8Personalised London Tube Map Silver Cufflinks

28086b3fdf1ac71606daee2bf15e62dbPug Dog Greeting Card


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