A Daily Dose Of Inspiration From ‘Laidbare’

Laidbare Naturally Inspired Beauty is a affordable collection of natural results-driven skin care formulated from fresh plants, with superior essential oils, natural extracts and vitamins blended expertly and promises to always be beneficial, never artificial. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Meet Sarah, the creator behind the wonderful products from ‘Laidbare’.

1. What difficulties did you face at the beginning of your career?
-Any start up is a challenge, and mine was creating something from just an idea! That idea changed shape as we grew and recognised what our target market wanted and needed: our affordable, natural skincare. Fortunately, 9 years since I created the brand, ‘Laidbare’ is now a widely available nationwide and loved by our customers.

2. Is there anything you wish you knew at the beginning of your career?
About some of the challenges with availability of natural ingredients, costs and regulations. It’s ever changing and a constant learning curve.

3. Is having talent enough in order to be a successful designer?
A high degree of business acumen is essential, I don’t only design, I run the sales, the marketing and the company.

4. Do you think that the current phenomenon ‘globalisation’ has a negative impact on local cultures/arts/crafts?
Yes, but fortunately a % of consumers still want uniqueness and individuality, this has been key to our success. We are a small company offering amazing brands without a large organisation behind us. This seems to work in our favour when consumers choose our brands.

5. Did you ever go through a period when you thought about quitting your job as a designer?
Never, I love the creativity and ultimately being able to say I make ‘Laidbare’ from conception to completion!

d8dddcc2d4b81b4ce7cc0c5ca132d659Pore Minimiser Facial Mask


Clean As A Whistle Body Wash


Police The Crease Wrinkle Corrector


Butter Me Up Body Butter


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