The Ladies behind The Snoob Breastfeeding Scarf

Snoob Breastfeeding Scarf – Co Founders Angelique Arnold & Becky Matthewson.

Becky and I launched Snoob 2 years ago and starting and running a business has been a huge learning experience. Although we have found some elements of it stressful at times, not least because we combine it with running our homes and taking care of our large families, we both get great pleasure from it.

Our inspiration in starting Snoob was our children, our friends, and each other. As two busy mums each with 4 children we wanted to create a business that would help other mums.


We created Snoob breastfeeding scarf because whilst Becky and I do not think breastfeeding mothers should have to cover themselves, whilst public opinion is divided and women are made to feel uncomfortable feeding their baby in public, we hope we have provided a versatile and stylish solution.


We are very much about choice. We both breastfed all of our children and would like to contribute to increasing the breastfeeding rates in the UK. Our rates are sadly much lower than many other European countries. But we are always supportive of women doing what it right for them as well as their baby. This is why we wanted to ensure our scarf was a fashion accessory as well as a nursing cover. It can be worn as a soft, stylish scarf for years after a mum has stopped breastfeeding. It’s versatility means it can also be used as a baby blanket or buggy cover.

As a mum of twins I wanted to ensure it could be used by twin mums too. I just wish I’d had a Snoob when I was tandem feeding my twin boys!

Top tip: It is a generous scarf, as we wanted to ensure enough material to cover mum and baby when needed. If, when you have stopped using it as a breastfeeding cover you want to shrink it slightly, simply wash it at 40 degrees instead of the recommended 30.



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