Get inspired by Miss Bibi | Designers interview



Has social media helped you grow your business?

I’m a very visual person so I enjoy Instagram and Pinterest a lot.
This has in fact helped my business, but potential is way higher than what one can expect….We just need more time to have fun on social media !ee4421aae8994d26f46d248d3e4dc9f4

Do you think that the term fashion applies only to clothing and accessories, or is it part of the overall lifestyle of a person?

Of course not, fashion is a mix or many little creative details in my opinion.
This could be an unexpected match between socks and shoes, a new idea of how to attach hair, a cocktail of different perfumes, an attempt to make a nail polish artwork on a toe, a felt-tip pen tattoo….anything really that makes appearance fun.6425c7a6df7774d46d091d3ace99f32c

Is there any specific message you would like to get across with your designs?

Big interest in the Small.ed4f585e5dbf954be843644787bb650a

What type of people does a designer need in his/her team in order to be successful?

It’s impossible to do everything alone so having a team is a really great thing.
People should of course be complementary, no point having 3 designers and no sales person. Therefore all the people working together in a company should share something essential. Having a common vision of the brand is a must.


Who was your role model when you begun your business ?

Well actually… having studied animation and working as a an illustrator in the past, One day I simply transformed some of these precious little items used for my collages and films into tiny accessories to wear. Many requests later I realized I had started a business…so I had no business model to start with.
But now i see things differently and I’ve learnt that business has its own ways to success, and that a strategy can be something really helpful.
But never should it be more important than passion.e40e5c5237b455c44c5df45c65ebaf98

Some artists say that they saw their creations while sleeping. Has it ever happened to you?

I honestly think that everything can be inspiring, all depending on your mental condition, which affects if you recognize a source of inspiration or let it pass.
So if you wish to be see beauty then beauty is everywhere out there to be re-transcribed not only in dreams.


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