Get inspired by LALE | Designers interview

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 10.07.59Raydolph Renault – Director
Designed in United Kingdom

LALE expresses “bohemian elegance” – the whimsical energy of the bohemian, shaped into refined elegance.
We have always been inspired by authenticity and nature, evident in our principle use of natural fabrics. Our Aegean Cotton is GMO-free, grown in the optimal climate of the ancient Aegean Region in Turkey and hand-picked to preserve it’s natural softness and lustre. For its softness, density, and resistance to ageing and pilling, Aegean Cotton is considered among the finest in the world. Our viscose fabric is sourced from sustainably harvested beech trees, its silk-like aesthetic giving to our pieces their graceful silhouettes.
Combined with originality and an eye for subtle details in crafting each piece, LALE represents a highly distinctive aesthetic.

1. Has social media helped you grow your business?  
We have yet to utilise this platform effectively.   c7985c584d4d97b9a167e89912e23197
2. Do you think that the term fashion applies only to clothing and accessories, or is it part of the overall lifestyle of a person? 
People wear clothes associated with what they value or aspire to be. You could say, “You are what you wear”, so perhaps “fashion” is an all-inclusive word. But Lale holds on to a distinctive and timeless style, rather than simply move with the current trend. Our experience has revealed that there are a few core things women want in clothing, regardless of the season or the current trend. We’ve tried to tap into and move with that.47d8bdb45b3d3381ada9350dab146e06
3. Is there any specific message you would like to get across with your designs?  
Lale values authenticity. We have a distinctiveness to our designs and authenticity to our fabrics that we hope inspires genuineness, honesty, trueness to oneself and quality of character.6d26a04a7ea832748c04c73c7f5f99b1
4. What type of people does a designer need in his/her team in order to be successful?   
Someone who recognises that you usually get one chance to get a something right before exposing it to the world. So, “whatever you do, do it well.” I mean really well!
5. Who was your role model when you begun your business? 
I was not trained or educated as a designer, so was never with the “in-crowd”. Creativity is something we’ve all inherited. All you need is a clarity with what you want and the power to follow it through. People with those qualities – friends, associates and inspirers who have succeeded from nothing – have been the best role models. Fear of failure should never hold you back. If you think you’ve failed, you’ve actually succeeded in getting a good education and can move better forward.82d5ec2877e0f956c9afe0e054725924
6. Some artists say that they saw their creations while sleeping. Has it ever happened to you?   
I’m still waiting for it.

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