Feature Cushions That Will Change Your Home

The task of finding a new couch can be stressful and expensive. But if you’re not ready to replace your tired furniture, an easy way to spruce it up and bring in an up-to-date trend is with decorative cushions.

Cushions are an inexpensive but effective way to take any old couch from tired to lively.

The task of sourcing cushions can be overwhelming, so to help make it easier and stress-free, we have prepared this quick guide to help you decide which cushion designs, colours and arrangements would be perfect for your couch.

Let’s start with ways you can play with colours to enhance the appearance of your couch.

Add a touch of contrasting plain on plain. Be clever with plain cushions to make the most of a plain colour couch, especially if the couch is the same colour as the walls or carpet around it. A mix of dark neutral cushions would really stand out on a couch of a lighter neutral colour. The exact opposite couch-and-cushion combination would work as well.

Don’t be afraid to mix  patterned and feature cushions  with plain neutrals. Cushions with graphic prints or embroidery can easily add a splash of elegance or wow to a couch of neutral tone.  To complement a strong-coloured couch choose cushions with neutral colours and barely noticeable embellishments like sequin sparkles. They add a touch of pizzazz while keeping the tone down.

Orla Kiely stem print By Leah Rose Designs Designed in United Kingdom
Orla Kiely stem print
By Leah Rose Designs
Designed in United Kingdom

Mix different patterns from one colour palette. You can combine a variety of patterns  if you wish, with the common denominator being the same colour palette. Just be sure they’re going onto a neutral fabric couch and that the scale of the patterns vary – shop for zigzags, stripes, circles, swirls and dots.

Zamboanga Red Cushion
by Bococo
Designed in United Kingdom

Embrace modern living through harmony. If you prefer plain cushions, here’s a creative way to make it interesting while at the same time create  balance and harmony in the room. Select two to three colours from the couch pattern and choose cushions in those colours. Or, pick one or two colours from the couch and one or two from the rest of your décor for a more dynamic look.

Nautical Style Cushions
by Kelsey Emblow Illustration
Designed in United Kingdom

Combine textures for additional contrast. Spice up your couch by mixing cushions with varying textures. Look at the texture of the couch fabric and find cushions with contrasting textures. You could place linen on leather, polyester on canvas and silk on suede. If you include colours from your couch, they should blend well and give a coordinated, but interesting look.

Hessian Bike Cushion
by By Marie
Designed in United Kingdom

Arranging your Cushions 

Add some depth to your cushion grouping. Staggered cushions in rows can look good as well. Layer different sizes of cushions of similar shapes or layer different shapes of the same pattern or colour. Squares and lumbar cushions usually go well together, so don’t be afraid to mix them up.

Block Printed Cotton Jacquard Cushions
by Accha
Designed in United Kingdom

Arrange cushions in symmetry if you prefer structure. There is no hard and fast rule for cushion arrangement, but if you prefer a balanced look, split the cushions evenly and place a group on each corner. You could also arrange all of them in accordion style from one corner to the other.

Sampaguita Cushion
by Bococo
Designed in United Kingdom

Go Bohemian… just toss the cushions. Cushions that complement each other as well as the couch don’t have to be placed in any particular way in order to look great. Be adventurous. Just toss them onto the couch and voilà, you’ve got style!

Silver Metallic Star Cushion
by Made With Love Designs
Designed by United Kingdom

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