Get inspired by 54 Floral Clothing | Designers interview

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 10.29.3154 Floral Clothing was created by two brothers from the North of England, UK

The brand explores basic graphic concepts through classic day to day garments, working with simple colour palettes & bold shapes to create pieces of clothing which have longevity, merge with existing trends and suit the masses.

Designed in United Kingdom

  1. Do you think that young people can be stylish? Or does it take maturity and experience to be able to create your own style?

I think with the media being at the forefront of young people these days, especially social media, the exposure available does allow younger people to become trendy and stylish a lot earlier in life. I think experience does come into play, but with experience comes age. I think the way you dress can certainly affect the people around you and the impression you give off.


  1. How do you handle the situations when you feel that your creativity is blocked?

I think taking some time off, reading or just doing something non-work related could really help. Taking inspiration is very important and you shouldn’t worry about looking at rival brands, competitors or designers, they’ll do exactly the same.


  1. Do you think that it is necessary for a designer to have an ‘Art’ education in order to be Successful?

I do certainly think you need to be somewhat artistic to be a designer, they come hand in hand, and they are both creative skills. It’s a bonus to be good at drawing and artsy, it helps envisage ideas and outcomes, especially to work colleagues and clients.


  1. What is your opinion on the impact of the Internet on art? Nowadays it is easier for People to plagiarise someone else’s creations. Do you feel threatened by that?

Yeah I guess so, this sort of followers on with what I said before. I think taking inspiration and straight out copying are totally different things. It’s a tough one, but with the ease it now takes for someone to copy work and plagiarise it becomes easier, it’s harder to control. I don’t feel threatened by it, I find imitation the sincerest form of flattery 🙂


  1. Is there any symbolical meaning behind your designs?

The brand name certainly, although at first though the word ‘Floral’ would mean ‘flowers or patterns’, the name is derived from the idea in which they see the brand fulfilling its intentions. ‘Floral’ is an anagram of ‘For All’. ’54’ in 2005 a Family member was sadly killed in a performance bikes race at the famous Isle of Man TT. His bike number is his last race was the number 54. The brothers would like to see the brand dedicated to him in some way, and by having an army of fans with the number 54 on their clothing is something truly fitting.



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