Summer Wedding Inspiration

As most of you know, we have so many different sections on our website. However, today will be dedicated entirely to the most romantic of them all- the Wedding section. We have so many exciting products to share with you that a single post will not be enough, but we should always start from somewhere, right?

With the sun getting stronger and the temperature getting higher, we can’t help but think about floral-themed weddings and weddings on the beach- you don’t get more romantic and summery than that. Luckily, we have all the right products to give your special day an extra touch of sophistication. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Rustic Elements

Start off with choosing the best wedding invitations. Sending out state-of-the art invites to your guests will make sure to impress them and make them look forward to your wedding! This particular rustic set includes a wedding invitation, RSVP, and a Thank you card. We also have other colour options just to make sure that everything can be matched with your theme.668eff7da9830e76f9c6c6bb0a02a89b

Butterflies in the Hair

Now you can decorate your hair with one of the most romantic symbols: butterflies. If you have this, you will not need to think about any other jewellery, because it will surely steal the spotlight. This headpiece will be perfect for haute couture lovers and can easily be used for other occasions.e1183f81da429608c2fb9d6a04e32a68

Beach Romance

Many of us are dreaming about a beach wedding. As romantic as this sounds, it also means that we have to think about some practical aspects. Now you wouldn’t have to worry about choosing the right pair of shoes- you can decorate your feet with these stunning wedding anklets. Beads and shells are only few of the options we have available.02e213fd1477556b3d4f65bc85031c06

Fairy Masquerade

If you’ve ever considered thought about having something a little bit more extravagant like a mask-party for your wedding, we have just the right thing for you. This mask combines the best of all worlds: pink roses, Venetian mask elements and delicate lace. A handmade masterpiece that will make any bride look mysterious and irresistible.cb90a9794bb4151b839a4d97d075e10a

Wedding Treats 

When organising an event, the details are what makes a big difference. You want everything to be memorable and perfectly synchronised. The easiest way to achieve that is to buy a whole set of themed essentials. This particular set includes a photo album, a confetti box, a small & large gift bag, a gift card with envelope and a ‘Love’ greeting card. Whether it is a gift for the new family or you want to give it away as a goody bag to your guests, this will make sure to stand out from everything else.8e3af60265aea29f16ee3f47765aef59


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