Celebrate Your Curves in Style

Although the fashion industry nowadays is enormous, there are definitely some things about it that need to be improved. In the last couple of years some brands have managed to gain the love of customers by introducing clothing lines made especially for women with more specific body shapes. Let’s admit it, we all love the collections for petite girls, taller ladies and curvy women, because they manage to really meet our needs. At the end of the day, we all have different body types and it isn’t fair to only offer standardized clothing that would fit one type of women.

Here, we must give credit to fashion bloggers who in the last couple of years have taken fashion out of its usual ‘catwalk context’ and have proved to high-street labels that it is the clothing that should change according to women’s needs, not vice versa.

And speaking about clothing that meets women’s needs, we would like to introduce you one of our newest brands: Jiuly Paris. The French brand for curvy women offers a wide selection of easy to wear and mix&match garments that will make sure to bring the best out of every woman. All collections are available in sizes 42 to 56 (UK Size 14 to 26). Let’s have a look at some of Jiuly’s best suggestions.

f32653b19b633c1bd64ace4c9013eea4It is often said that curvy women should be cautious around bolder prints. Well, this fashion myth has finally been proved wrong. Style lesson of the day: if you like it, wear it with confidence and pleasure.

455a030c13be7f4b1fabd8247d67ba8aUp until now there has been an unwritten rule that crop tops are reserved for supermodels (or girls who look like ones). Well, the time has come to rethink the popular fashion rules. These amazing trousers from Jiuly Paris add an effortless ‘harem touch’ to our outfit and can easily be combined with a stylish crop top.

29c68b912c3e493e6aa5728f8bf831e6The Reine Dress is the perfect wraparound and length. Enhancing the bust. Definitely a “From office to dance floor” dress. Show off your curves ladies.


The victoria jacket is the Spring/Summer must have. The Light and weightless waterfall statement.


Feel comfortable in your own skin



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