Time to colour your mood indigo

Give yourself a case of the moody blues with the seasons favourite hue.

Theres one colour that is causing a buzz in interior design at the moment:
Indigo Blue.

From paint to pottery, wallpaper to bedding, Indigo is everywhere.
Bold Mediterranean Blues were popular throughout the Summer and as the season turns and the days get shorter, this shade is being exchanged and enhanced for deep, dark indigo.

Indigo is a gorgeous shade for this Winter, mirroring the skies outside and bringing a wonderful richness into any space. It may seem daring but you might be surprised to hear that this seasons most trendy tone is not as risky as you might of thought. Indigo teams up perfectly with retro pinks and greys that you may already have in your home so you can just build on what you have. Its an easy way to add colour without taking a risk.

Linen Duvet Cover Indigo
by Lovely Home Idea , designed in Lithuania600772_575927525780579_516151993_n

Fluid Fused Glass Coasters
by RD Glass , designed in United KingdomUntitled.jpg1

Hand painted plate/tray Blue dot
by Estelle Mademoiselle Atelier , designed in FranceUntitled

Decorative whale cushion
by Kelsey Emblow Illustration , designed in United Kingdom56f010efee7c0489fd685e79c0da880d

 Jewellery Organizer Cloud
by Miloome , designed in FranceScreen Shot 2015-09-30 at 11.35.36

 Wooden Wall Clock
by ardeola , designed in Hungaryd2393e81759f0174166bd0d00f802fba

Wall Sticker
by CITYstic Paris , designed in France07c9c7fcc133e537282835053447dc4e


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