// Gold & Black Christmas //

Christmas is on it’s way …

We love this festive period. The heat of the open fire, the glow of candles and the delicious smell from the kitchen. This year, Christmas will be sparkling with this selection of Gold and black items.

Gold and black christmas

  1. Dress Naruto gold by Col Claudine – £156
  2. Case for Apple iPhone 6, Gold Rhinestones by The Kase – £29.90
  3. Gold Purse by Daughter of Jón – £54
  4. Black & gold derbies by Abigail – £123
  5. Black Crystal Leather Ring in Gold by Joccos Design – £32
  6. Feather Headband ethnic leather gold by Naminoe – £21
  7. Black wool draped cardigan Elsa by Ultra Tee – £109
  8. Drop cut onyx Stones Earrings by Toosis – £60
  9. Malaika Bracelet by Souksy London – £36


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