10 Best Christmas Gifts for Him

10 best christmas gifts for him V2

Find the perfect gift for him online at PUREnCHIC.com this Christmas. This year, be original and buy something out of the ordinary. You’ll find a large range of hand made European products created with love and kind thought.


iPad Envelope Sleeve

iPad Envelope Sleeve – Tan by Mujjo
designed in Netherlands £36.72

Aeroskull NANO speaker

Aeroskull NANO speaker, Gold by The Kase
designed in France £66.90

Personalized Compass

Personalized Compass by SF Dizayn
designed in Turkey £22

Leather Boots Bernard - Light Brown
Leather Boots Bernard – Light Brown by M. Moustache
designed in France £137

Shirt 'Vintage Newspaper'

Shirt ‘Vintage Newspaper’ by Claudio Lugli
designed in United Kingdom £80.00

Mens watch

Mens watch by Matthew Humphries Design
designed in United Kingdom £335.00

Personalized Wallet

Personalized Leather Wallet by SF Dizayn
designed in Turkey £24

The Daiquiri Cocktail Kit
The Daiquiri Cocktail Kit by TASTE Cocktails
designed in United Kingdom £29.00

Hamilton vintage cufflinks by LC Collection
designed in France £120.00

Daddy's Cheeseboard

Daddy’s Cheeseboard Set With Knives by Dust and Things
designed in United Kingdom £33.00



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