Get Inspired by -LOVE, ANA


Name : Ana Tevsic Naukovic

Country : Croatia

Brand Name : Love, Ana. design studio


When did you start your business ? 12/09/2011

Your products / designs in a few words // My design is simple, but followed by a twist. I tend to stick to natural materials such as wood and stone, but then mix them up or add a second function to the product that surprises the customer.


Why did you start your business // I started working even during my college years and I think I gained some basic work experience even back then. But I was eager to learn more and to show more, so I applied to an exhibition in London to test my own skills on an international level. It turned out to be very successful and that gave the motivation and inspiration to immediately start working on the next project. And I have been like that ever since.

Where do you find your inspiration // Our design draws on Scandinavian and Nordic influences, focusing primarily on the functionality of the product and leaving its form clean and simple. My main inspiration comes from observing the everyday life and trying to find ways to enhance these daily experiences, elevate them in some way.


How would you describe your customer base // My customers are mostly young people who invest in their own apartments and houses. These are design–oriented people who want to have unique pieces, or practical products for smaller spaces. But there are exceptions; I have a few, very dear, elderly couples who always seek out for new stuff. I like the adversity in everything, so I encourage different types of people to come to my store.

Your biggest challenge // My biggest challenge is to maintain the discipline needed for my job to function properly and to always question my decisions. I have to explain everything to myself a billion times, as if I am talking to my worst critic. It is hard to find the balance between finding the motivation for work and not getting ahead of yourself once you do a good job. I want to be sure of everything before I put it out for the world to see.


Your biggest success // I would say that my biggest success is basically the same thing as my biggest challenge. It is very difficult to do everything on my own, and to be responsible for so many things at once. To be creative and inspired, and still hold my ground and think about every possible outcome of my decision. It is both wonderful and frightening.

Where do you see your business/brand in 5 years // I see my brand developing year after year in a pace that allows me to grow professionally and develop more skills. I wish to have more employees, more projects and more exhibitions to showcase my products on, and last – but not least, to have more stores that sells my products throughout the world.


Discover her products on PUREnCHIC 



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