Get inspired by FAB Design

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Name : Tom Thonet

Country : France

Brand Name :FAB Design


When did you start your business ? 15/05/2013

Your products / designs in a few words // A story about wishes, colours and life, real life, everyday life ! FAB Design is a universe full of uncommon and useful shapes, where the distincts fabrics, whether highly technical or natural ( i.e Tyvek, sheep wool, Wood, steel, plastics ) fit in happilly in all spaces, houses, lofts, vintages or industrial, from the most minimalists to the craziest. That is the spirit of this new adventure which brings a breath of fresh air, one of design and reachable aiming towards a happy lifestyle.

Why did you start your business // At the root of this adventure , underlies Fabienne Thonet, interior and grafic designer. Working for many years as an artistic director in the press industry, Fabienne leads a double life. It is from her house-studio, a cosy opened space in Suresnes, France, that Fabienne expresses her pratical, aesthetic and ingenious sense. In this Little parasidical haven, she creates objects and furniture for her house, her family and for her friends. FAB Design adventure starts in the summer of 2013 with a range of handy and funcional objects and furniture, with playful designs, strongly impregnated with the creator’s joie de vivre, her joyous mood and who never takes herself seriously. FAB design brings a new life to stools, plays with light, reinvents hanging rails , transforms atmosferes, never forgetting our childhish sides, needs and spaces.


Swing Ball for inside or outside – Pink/red by FAB Design
designed in France £96.00

Where do you find your inspiration // We find our inspiration in everyday life, with a desire to make life more confortable and joyful. We constantly try to improve our home, find new ideas of shapes and materials to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, where people like to come and spend time.

How would you describe your customer base // We take pride in reaching for everyone! We love to have a very diversified customer base: we love to mix generations, genders, and lifestyles. Anyone’s dream of useful, beautiful yet practical objects will be fulfilled with Fab Design.


Stool cover – Top Moumoute sheepskin short hair brown by FAB Design
designed in France £70.00

Your biggest challenge // Time is our biggest challenge, we create our products from A to Z. It can be challenging to master all the different tasks: designing, crafting (everything we sell is made in France!), editing, publishing, selling… We really bring our products to life, from an idea to your door!

Your biggest success // Our customer’s happiness. One time a client came to our Maison & Objets stand and asked: “What are you selling…happiness?”.


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