Get Inspired by ShoeLicks

ShoeLicks cover

Name : Charlotte King

Country : UK

Brand Name : ShoeLicks

ShoeLicks01Tickle Me Pink by ShoeLicks
designed in United Kingdom £2.99


When did you start your business ? 20/01/2014

Your products / designs in a few words // ShoeLicks is the only company in the UK to jazz up your high street heels to give them a unique, Louboutin-esque touch for only £2.99! They’re also great to pop in with a card as a unique gift item.

Why did you start your business // I was growing envious of the sexy red sole, but didn’t want to spend £450 on the look when I’m not best in uber high heels at the best of times. I thought why not come up with an affordable designer sticker that comes as a one-size-fits-all to be added to the underappreciated sole of your favourite heels. I felt it would be cool to have other prints than just plain red, so came up with a small collection of 6 prints to cover a range of styles, we now have 32 in the collection.


Where do you find your inspiration // Christian Louboutin is the main inspiration for the concept of the brand, but we let the latest trends steer us in the right direction for new prints to make sure we’re right on the button with fashion. We’ve just come out with a Back to the 90s Collection which is bright, bold and beautiful.

How would you describe your customer base // ShoeLicks are great for any fashionista usually aged between 15 to 40, but can be bought by anyone looking to get a great, British made, unique gift for some special chica in their lives!

ShoeLicks03Mono Me Up by ShoeLicks
designed in United Kingdom £2.99

Your biggest challenge // My biggest challenge is to get ShoeLicks to be the next big accessory, so when women put on their jewellery, they think about this ShoeLick to accessorize their heels with too.

Your biggest success // Our biggest success to date is being officially stocked in the Victoria and Albert Museum and securing two exclusive prints with them that are on sale year round in their Gift Shop. Getting stocked in over 150 retailers in the first year was a massive success for the company, which we’re continuing to grow with each month.


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