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Name : Tom Thonet

Country : France

Brand Name :FAB Design


When did you start your business ? 15/05/2013

Your products / designs in a few words // A story about wishes, colours and life, real life, everyday life ! FAB Design is a universe full of uncommon and useful shapes, where the distincts fabrics, whether highly technical or natural ( i.e Tyvek, sheep wool, Wood, steel, plastics ) fit in happilly in all spaces, houses, lofts, vintages or industrial, from the most minimalists to the craziest. That is the spirit of this new adventure which brings a breath of fresh air, one of design and reachable aiming towards a happy lifestyle.

Why did you start your business // At the root of this adventure , underlies Fabienne Thonet, interior and grafic designer. Working for many years as an artistic director in the press industry, Fabienne leads a double life. It is from her house-studio, a cosy opened space in Suresnes, France, that Fabienne expresses her pratical, aesthetic and ingenious sense. In this Little parasidical haven, she creates objects and furniture for her house, her family and for her friends. FAB Design adventure starts in the summer of 2013 with a range of handy and funcional objects and furniture, with playful designs, strongly impregnated with the creator’s joie de vivre, her joyous mood and who never takes herself seriously. FAB design brings a new life to stools, plays with light, reinvents hanging rails , transforms atmosferes, never forgetting our childhish sides, needs and spaces.


Swing Ball for inside or outside – Pink/red by FAB Design
designed in France £96.00

Where do you find your inspiration // We find our inspiration in everyday life, with a desire to make life more confortable and joyful. We constantly try to improve our home, find new ideas of shapes and materials to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, where people like to come and spend time.

How would you describe your customer base // We take pride in reaching for everyone! We love to have a very diversified customer base: we love to mix generations, genders, and lifestyles. Anyone’s dream of useful, beautiful yet practical objects will be fulfilled with Fab Design.


Stool cover – Top Moumoute sheepskin short hair brown by FAB Design
designed in France £70.00

Your biggest challenge // Time is our biggest challenge, we create our products from A to Z. It can be challenging to master all the different tasks: designing, crafting (everything we sell is made in France!), editing, publishing, selling… We really bring our products to life, from an idea to your door!

Your biggest success // Our customer’s happiness. One time a client came to our Maison & Objets stand and asked: “What are you selling…happiness?”.


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Get Inspired by -LOVE, ANA


Name : Ana Tevsic Naukovic

Country : Croatia

Brand Name : Love, Ana. design studio


When did you start your business ? 12/09/2011

Your products / designs in a few words // My design is simple, but followed by a twist. I tend to stick to natural materials such as wood and stone, but then mix them up or add a second function to the product that surprises the customer.


Why did you start your business // I started working even during my college years and I think I gained some basic work experience even back then. But I was eager to learn more and to show more, so I applied to an exhibition in London to test my own skills on an international level. It turned out to be very successful and that gave the motivation and inspiration to immediately start working on the next project. And I have been like that ever since.

Where do you find your inspiration // Our design draws on Scandinavian and Nordic influences, focusing primarily on the functionality of the product and leaving its form clean and simple. My main inspiration comes from observing the everyday life and trying to find ways to enhance these daily experiences, elevate them in some way.


How would you describe your customer base // My customers are mostly young people who invest in their own apartments and houses. These are design–oriented people who want to have unique pieces, or practical products for smaller spaces. But there are exceptions; I have a few, very dear, elderly couples who always seek out for new stuff. I like the adversity in everything, so I encourage different types of people to come to my store.

Your biggest challenge // My biggest challenge is to maintain the discipline needed for my job to function properly and to always question my decisions. I have to explain everything to myself a billion times, as if I am talking to my worst critic. It is hard to find the balance between finding the motivation for work and not getting ahead of yourself once you do a good job. I want to be sure of everything before I put it out for the world to see.


Your biggest success // I would say that my biggest success is basically the same thing as my biggest challenge. It is very difficult to do everything on my own, and to be responsible for so many things at once. To be creative and inspired, and still hold my ground and think about every possible outcome of my decision. It is both wonderful and frightening.

Where do you see your business/brand in 5 years // I see my brand developing year after year in a pace that allows me to grow professionally and develop more skills. I wish to have more employees, more projects and more exhibitions to showcase my products on, and last – but not least, to have more stores that sells my products throughout the world.


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Get inspired by Reclaim Bags | Designers interview


Country of Origin // United Kingdom

Reclaim bags is a brand that was born in 2012 by British based designer, Sophie Postma whilst studying Fashion and Innovation at Leeds college of Art. The brand primarily uses recycled rubber inner tubes to create each individual, handmade piece. The concept behind the brand is to produce a sustainable range of handbags and accessories that will change people’s perceptions of recycled products and test the limits of re-use.

By emerging ourselves within the fashion industry and through the use of innovative and contemporary design, Reclaim bags hopes to reduce the stigma surrounding recycled products, with emphasis being that something beautiful can be produced out of something that would have otherwise been waste.

Reclaim bags

  • Has social media helped you grow your business?

I would definitely say that social media has been a great help in growing Reclaim. These days’ people are much more invested in brands themselves, not just the product. The beauty of social media is that it is immediate and can tell the story of your brand on a daily basis. It also gives you the opportunity to engage and connect with your audience, in turn building brand awareness.

  • Do you think that the term fashion applies only to clothing and accessories, or is it part of the overall lifestyle of a person?

I think it is a lifestyle choice to be honest. Some people choose to be fashionable and follow every new season and trend; personally, I take a bit more of a laid back approach to it. I think it’s more about how you put things together.

Reclaim bags

  • Is there any specific message you would like to get across with your designs?

We create beautiful products from rubber that would have ordinarily been waste. We want to show people that there is a way to purchase ethically without compromising on great design. The solution is Reclaim.

  • What type of people does a designer need in his/her team in order to be successful?

People who are as passionate about the product as the designer. I also think it really helps to have a mix of personalities. Getting different opinions on a design or an issue can be really helpful in coming to a decision as everyone sees things in a different way.

Reclaim bags

  • Who was your role model when you begun your business?

There were many young brands that I looked up to when I started Reclaim, but my biggest role models were my family and friends. They were, and still are, an amazing support base for myself and Reclaim.

  • Some artists say that they saw their creations while sleeping. Has it ever happened to you?

I do remember working on a project at University, that would later go on to become Reclaim, and I was desperately going over and over ways to attach the rubber together. Eventually it was lying in bed one night, trying to get to sleep, that I came up with the unique interlocking method that we still use today to attach each pattern piece together.

Reclaim bags


Get inspired by Delight London | Designers interview


Delight London’s designs by Ros Weaver delight in rendering the humble gorgeous.
The original eye-catching ‘rubellery’ is handmade in east London using ethically sourced natural rubber bands derived from sustainable rubber plantations. Other recycled and upcycled ingredients include safety pins, skateboard bearings and antique ceramic and glass fragments from the river Thames estuary.
Delight London was awarded the Eco Choice Award for Most Innovative Product in New York in 2014.

Ros Weaver  Delight London
Designed in United Kingdom


  • What difficulties did you face at the beginning of your career?

I was a design journalist when I was inspired to start making jewellery out of rubber bands. I had always made things as well as writing and, as printed publications began to shrink and disappear, I thought the time was ripe to change career. I also had young children and needed to be able to work around their needs. I began with a market stall on Brick Lane in London and I soon realised that I wasn’t going to be able to give up the day job for a while.734420265c3ac1887caa189130d99a5d

  • Is there anything you wish you knew at the beginning of your career and is having a talent enough in order to be a successful designer?

I wish my education had taught me more about running a business, especially the financial part of it. I was always rubbish at maths. You need to be an all-rounder to run your own creative business, and that includes doing accounts and marketing as well as actually designing and producing things. Most of the designers who have a successful brand have a partner who runs the business side.438862744e61d8ee214f27362665060e

  • Do you think that the current phenomenon “globalisation” has a negative impact on local cultures/arts/crafts?
People often expect handmade items to cost little. They are used to buying handmade things from countries such as India or China where labour is cheaper. But it has also had a positive result for me as I can bring my designs to appreciative customers in other countries.a73a9b88da35d4eec85d35014af755b9
  • Did you ever go through a period when you thought about quitting your job as designer?
I love designing and making, but there are ups and downs in running a creative business. I consider quitting often. But then I realise I’m lucky to do what I love.8e108fd22e692cd9ce9dba47b58ee74d