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– Take a Walk on the Wild side –

We all have a wild secret side. It’s now time to show it and appear with some really trendy animals patterns.



Tiger Teeth Earrings

by Creature Jewellery
designed in United Kingdom




For all the Star Wars addicts, discover this selection of items dedicated to the saga.


Printed Grey Bio Sweatshirt Man I’m a Pandawan by Arte Cita
designed in France £36.00


Star Wars WALL DECAL by CITYstic Paris
designed in France £34.90


Star Wars WALL DECAL by CITYstic Paris
designed in France £34.90


2 Art Posters 50 x 70 cm Star Wars by Wall Editions
designed in France £27.00


STAR Wars Wall DECAL by CITYstic Paris
designed in France £37.90


2 Art Posters 50 x 70 cm Star Wars by Wall Editions
designed in France £27.00


STAR WARS Wall DECAL by CITYstic Paris
designed in France £14.90



Summer Wedding Inspiration

As most of you know, we have so many different sections on our website. However, today will be dedicated entirely to the most romantic of them all- the Wedding section. We have so many exciting products to share with you that a single post will not be enough, but we should always start from somewhere, right?

With the sun getting stronger and the temperature getting higher, we can’t help but think about floral-themed weddings and weddings on the beach- you don’t get more romantic and summery than that. Luckily, we have all the right products to give your special day an extra touch of sophistication. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Rustic Elements

Start off with choosing the best wedding invitations. Sending out state-of-the art invites to your guests will make sure to impress them and make them look forward to your wedding! This particular rustic set includes a wedding invitation, RSVP, and a Thank you card. We also have other colour options just to make sure that everything can be matched with your theme.668eff7da9830e76f9c6c6bb0a02a89b

Butterflies in the Hair

Now you can decorate your hair with one of the most romantic symbols: butterflies. If you have this, you will not need to think about any other jewellery, because it will surely steal the spotlight. This headpiece will be perfect for haute couture lovers and can easily be used for other occasions.e1183f81da429608c2fb9d6a04e32a68

Beach Romance

Many of us are dreaming about a beach wedding. As romantic as this sounds, it also means that we have to think about some practical aspects. Now you wouldn’t have to worry about choosing the right pair of shoes- you can decorate your feet with these stunning wedding anklets. Beads and shells are only few of the options we have available.02e213fd1477556b3d4f65bc85031c06

Fairy Masquerade

If you’ve ever considered thought about having something a little bit more extravagant like a mask-party for your wedding, we have just the right thing for you. This mask combines the best of all worlds: pink roses, Venetian mask elements and delicate lace. A handmade masterpiece that will make any bride look mysterious and irresistible.cb90a9794bb4151b839a4d97d075e10a

Wedding Treats 

When organising an event, the details are what makes a big difference. You want everything to be memorable and perfectly synchronised. The easiest way to achieve that is to buy a whole set of themed essentials. This particular set includes a photo album, a confetti box, a small & large gift bag, a gift card with envelope and a ‘Love’ greeting card. Whether it is a gift for the new family or you want to give it away as a goody bag to your guests, this will make sure to stand out from everything else.8e3af60265aea29f16ee3f47765aef59

Get inspired by 54 Floral Clothing | Designers interview

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 10.29.3154 Floral Clothing was created by two brothers from the North of England, UK

The brand explores basic graphic concepts through classic day to day garments, working with simple colour palettes & bold shapes to create pieces of clothing which have longevity, merge with existing trends and suit the masses.

Designed in United Kingdom

  1. Do you think that young people can be stylish? Or does it take maturity and experience to be able to create your own style?

I think with the media being at the forefront of young people these days, especially social media, the exposure available does allow younger people to become trendy and stylish a lot earlier in life. I think experience does come into play, but with experience comes age. I think the way you dress can certainly affect the people around you and the impression you give off.


  1. How do you handle the situations when you feel that your creativity is blocked?

I think taking some time off, reading or just doing something non-work related could really help. Taking inspiration is very important and you shouldn’t worry about looking at rival brands, competitors or designers, they’ll do exactly the same.


  1. Do you think that it is necessary for a designer to have an ‘Art’ education in order to be Successful?

I do certainly think you need to be somewhat artistic to be a designer, they come hand in hand, and they are both creative skills. It’s a bonus to be good at drawing and artsy, it helps envisage ideas and outcomes, especially to work colleagues and clients.


  1. What is your opinion on the impact of the Internet on art? Nowadays it is easier for People to plagiarise someone else’s creations. Do you feel threatened by that?

Yeah I guess so, this sort of followers on with what I said before. I think taking inspiration and straight out copying are totally different things. It’s a tough one, but with the ease it now takes for someone to copy work and plagiarise it becomes easier, it’s harder to control. I don’t feel threatened by it, I find imitation the sincerest form of flattery 🙂


  1. Is there any symbolical meaning behind your designs?

The brand name certainly, although at first though the word ‘Floral’ would mean ‘flowers or patterns’, the name is derived from the idea in which they see the brand fulfilling its intentions. ‘Floral’ is an anagram of ‘For All’. ’54’ in 2005 a Family member was sadly killed in a performance bikes race at the famous Isle of Man TT. His bike number is his last race was the number 54. The brothers would like to see the brand dedicated to him in some way, and by having an army of fans with the number 54 on their clothing is something truly fitting.


Get inspired by LALE | Designers interview

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 10.07.59Raydolph Renault – Director
Designed in United Kingdom

LALE expresses “bohemian elegance” – the whimsical energy of the bohemian, shaped into refined elegance.
We have always been inspired by authenticity and nature, evident in our principle use of natural fabrics. Our Aegean Cotton is GMO-free, grown in the optimal climate of the ancient Aegean Region in Turkey and hand-picked to preserve it’s natural softness and lustre. For its softness, density, and resistance to ageing and pilling, Aegean Cotton is considered among the finest in the world. Our viscose fabric is sourced from sustainably harvested beech trees, its silk-like aesthetic giving to our pieces their graceful silhouettes.
Combined with originality and an eye for subtle details in crafting each piece, LALE represents a highly distinctive aesthetic.

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Get inspired by Miss Bibi | Designers interview



Has social media helped you grow your business?

I’m a very visual person so I enjoy Instagram and Pinterest a lot.
This has in fact helped my business, but potential is way higher than what one can expect….We just need more time to have fun on social media !ee4421aae8994d26f46d248d3e4dc9f4

Do you think that the term fashion applies only to clothing and accessories, or is it part of the overall lifestyle of a person?

Of course not, fashion is a mix or many little creative details in my opinion.
This could be an unexpected match between socks and shoes, a new idea of how to attach hair, a cocktail of different perfumes, an attempt to make a nail polish artwork on a toe, a felt-tip pen tattoo….anything really that makes appearance fun.6425c7a6df7774d46d091d3ace99f32c

Is there any specific message you would like to get across with your designs?

Big interest in the Small.ed4f585e5dbf954be843644787bb650a

What type of people does a designer need in his/her team in order to be successful?

It’s impossible to do everything alone so having a team is a really great thing.
People should of course be complementary, no point having 3 designers and no sales person. Therefore all the people working together in a company should share something essential. Having a common vision of the brand is a must.


Who was your role model when you begun your business ?

Well actually… having studied animation and working as a an illustrator in the past, One day I simply transformed some of these precious little items used for my collages and films into tiny accessories to wear. Many requests later I realized I had started a business…so I had no business model to start with.
But now i see things differently and I’ve learnt that business has its own ways to success, and that a strategy can be something really helpful.
But never should it be more important than passion.e40e5c5237b455c44c5df45c65ebaf98

Some artists say that they saw their creations while sleeping. Has it ever happened to you?

I honestly think that everything can be inspiring, all depending on your mental condition, which affects if you recognize a source of inspiration or let it pass.
So if you wish to be see beauty then beauty is everywhere out there to be re-transcribed not only in dreams.

Guest Blogger: Karen Grunstein “Burble Baby”


Founder: Karen Grunstein
By Burble Baby Ltd
Designed in United Kingdom

My own burbling babies are definitely the main inspiration and muse for Burble Baby! In fact, you could say that it started with a Burble! I vividly remember taking a stroll around my local beauty spot with baby no 3 strapped to my front. We paused by a burbling brook for a moment and my little baby burbled too. Such a beautiful sound! It’s there that the name Burble Baby came to me!9a353cd8d2b70c74315389c7092c7621 I’ve always wanted to strike out on my own and have the flexibility of working around the children, so after the ‘epiphany’, the ideas behind Burble Baby began to crystallise when baby number 3 and I took a trip to the Manchester Baby & Toddler Show. Spurred on by lots of new businesses operated by women marketing their products to mummies and daddies in a way that meets their needs, Burble Baby began to take shape.

My research told me that when it came to buying gifts for new mums, babies and expectant parents, most people wanted to buy quality products that were thoughtful, special and different from what can be bought on the high street. They wanted the gift to be a symbol of their love for the new parents and baby.b0fa092ce7d97dfd48354cd3fa85ce89At Burble Baby we’ve therefore carefully selected brands and products for our boutique with our own, and your, burbling babies in mind. From organic to best of British, to those brands that are truly, simply, ‘WOW! Gorgeous!’ we just know you’ll be delighted by our range!

Burble Baby is all about beautifully presented and thoughtful gifts that give delight to the recipient, as well as to the person giving them, we LOVE making people happy! We aim to make the whole gift buying experience a pleasure, whether it be browsing through our eclectic range, the easy peasy ordering and gorgeous gift wrap, or the speedy and tracked delivery for convenience and peace of mind.ab66014974142f8f7514d45b01d44abcThe hamper collection from Burble Baby are the gifts we LOVE the most! Handpicked to offer a range of gorgeous goodies, they are guaranteed to bring joy and delight to any new parent. Beautifully presented, each hamper gift box is lovingly created to order, cushioned in shredded paper and carefully placed in a vintage inspired keepsake box so precious memories can be treasured forever. We will even hand write your personal message on one of our gift cards for that extra special touch, and adorn each hamper with pretty ribbons and its own lucky brass charm.

With such a unique collection, Burble Baby is sure to have a gift or hamper to suit the new mum or baby you are buying for, not only that, we’re sure they will be dazzled!