December Horoscopes sign – gift suggestions

As we’ve started December- last month, holiday month… the month of the gifts , we’ve decided to support your choices , with our tips – on how to satisfy each type of character – zodiac – that is on your Christmas list.

The first of the zodiac signs, Aires are pretty much independent. Their impatience can make you moody, but they sure care about their friends, and love attention. Show them that you care, with these picks from our Gift selection.

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Taurus are friendly people. They are deeply sensitive, that even slightest comment or action can hurt them – like not giving them emotions a forget about their Christmas gift.

Please check for our ideas, on how to satisfy the taste of traditional Taurus:


Energetic and clever Gemini are in love with their friends. Always out for a new challenge, so they always have something to teach you, or inform you on gossips. Clever and imaginative, everything you pick for them will be useful on their next trip to explore a place, or with their new social circle of friends they’ve just met. But our suggestions to surprise your Gemini friend are following:


Cancer is the only zodiac sign that can show others to feel loved, and needed-the one special feeling we all need, but barely get … and making you feel good, is making them feel good. Never ask anything in return.  They are shy, but also self-pity, so you do not expect a Cancer to easily open up … but if they are quite, that doesn’t means that everything is FINE. Why not “payback” for the feel good factor to them, with one of our gift advices:


Attracting people with confidence. Wherever Leo goes, everybody knows. If it’s opposite, they will not go out at all. They love adoration, and giving gifts for no reason.

You never know if you will get the right product, but – You thought about me, that’s what counts – something to feed their ego. We’ve decided to help you with our picks to satisfy the spicy taste of Leo

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Analytical and precise, Virgo are always helpful to solve any problem. They do look like cold hearted people, but that doesn’t mean they don’t care, instead they would compliment you with their opinions about your life, but that is just to improve you.- and they always do.  Here’s our choice of gifts to say thank you to your Virgo friend and her/his advices.

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Libra – the mother hen of the group. Easy to get along with everyone. Always the center of the attention. They are intelligent and diplomatic, with that posh taste. To attract them you need to flatter them, and admire them. Check for our suggestions on how to show your respect to Libra


Scorpios always get what they want. They put their mind to something, and do everything to reach it. But that does not make them bad friends. They might not open up easily with their private life, but love the people around them.

Here’s our suggestion for a box full of happiness.


Sagittarius are positive thinkers, they always have luck on their side.  They treat others like they want to be treated, with kind heart, just to make you happy. They can convince you that whatever is going on, something better will arrive … impossible to resist and not to reply to that motivational spirit. Check our suggestions for ideal gift to optimistic Sagittarius

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Their strong achieving attitude makes them strong friends.  They know what they want and they go after it….. You don’t have to tell Capricorn you need help; they will sense it and do it the right way … without asking anything in return… Of course they deserved everything … here’s a list of products on how to thank them for everything they have ever done.


Aquarius are stubborn and unemotional, – their own way to get the things their way, They can be spontaneous, and always enjoying life, and time spent with them, is a time to remember.

In return, we suggest these things to give, so they can remember you as well.


Pisces are the shoulder to cry on. If they like you, your problem is their problem. They care, but do not expect them to help you non-emotional need. Sometimes they are lazy, but will find someone or something to help.


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